The Phenomenon Story

In some ways our story is very much like those of the top video and content production companies found in Los Angeles and New York. Front-line technology. Talented visual artists.  Innovative video production techniques. Award-winning work.

But in many ways we’re different. Like the diversity of our experience.

We’ve worked for some of the nation’s largest retailers. Some of the most respected non-profit organizations. Most celebrated professional sports franchises. Hall of Fame Rock Groups.  Famous restaurant chains. And, innovative health insurance and healthcare providers. You see, the only thing we specialize in is creativity.

We also bring something else to the table often missing from the big guys in LA and NY.  It’s called affordability. We believe creative content that can’t be produced on a reasonable budget is not creativity at all. From TV advertising, to documentary filmmaking, to content for every possibility of a digital work, Phenomenon knows how to tell your story, creatively, with innovative thinking and smart work-flow. We’ll be on-time and on-budget.

If you like our story, then it’s time to talk about how we can tell your story… together.

Your story. Let's tell it together. ℠

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